CoreBKP makes it easier to backup your personal files and projects. The backup service runs in background, and it's fast. You just have to select a folder (you can also choose to back-up the subfolders) to be backed up, a destination and a schedule then you're done! CoreBKP was created by Gabriel Ochsenhofer (that Totem Destroyer guy) with Visual C# and the SharpZipLib API.

Features (1.0)

CoreBKP is just out of the oven, so expect a lot more features, for now the included features:
• Starts in background when Windows starts;
• Compress the back-up into a single .zip file;
• Options to back-up Daily, Weekly, Monthly and more;
• Ability to skip files that are unacessible (in use by another program) or show a balloon info notification;
• Ability to choose a lower thread priority for the back-up process;

Features to come in the next version (soon!):
• An option to overwrite back-up zip files;
• An option to automatically delete old back-up files;
• An option to hide all the notifications;
• More back-up frequency options;
• A "back-up now" button on the back-up task right panel;
• Options to back-up all tasks/targets;

Features that will come later:
• Import/Export tasks;
• An even more lightweight approach to zip files (low streaming buffer);
• Proper documentation;
• Restart back-up if Windows was rebooted in a middle of a back-up.


Main App
The main window.

A common notification.

Task Editor
The task editor.

The settings.


Since CoreBKP was developed using the .NET Framework, you will need the .NET 4.0 Framework Client Profile. For earlier versions of the Windows XP, you also need the Windows Installer 3.1.
CoreBKP is compatible with all versions of Windows that are greater than Windows 2000.
NOTE: To back-up files inside "c:\Program Files"on Windows Vista and later, you need to run this program as an Administrator.

Choose which version fits your needs (hosted @ sourceforge.net):

DOWNLOAD CoreBKP 1.0 Setup

DOWNLOAD CoreBKP 1.0 with Windows Installer 3.1 and .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile

DOWNLOAD CoreBKP Source Files


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